6 Easy Tie Dye Steps By Tie Dye Clothing Shop

6 Easy Tie Dye Steps By Tie Dye Clothing Shop

Want to match the tie-dye trend but need the budget to buy from a Tie Dye Clothing Shop? Don't worry, and we are here to your help. In this article, we will share an easy process of 6 steps to help you tie dye clothing at your home. With the help of these steps, you can easily tie dye yourself and get the same results as you buy from clothing shops. But if you are short of time and want an easier solution, we recommend purchasing ready-to-wear items from a tie clothing shop. Shop Sun Chasers is a trusted choice for users regarding tie-dye clothing. We have a variety of patterns and colors available for you. You can visit our official website and see the products that we are offering.

6 Tie Dye Steps By Tie Dye Clothing Shop

These are the six easy steps by a Tie Dye Clothing Shop that you can follow for tie dying at home:

Prepare The Materials

The first step for tie-dying clothing at your home is gathering all the materials. Make sure that you wash the clothing item before you dye it. Use a laundry detergent to remove any stubborn dirt or oil marks. It is important to remove these stains before the dying process as they can resist the dye's proper absorption, giving spotty or dull results. Next comes organizing your work area and ensuring it runs smoothly during the dying process. It is better to spread a tablecloth or plastic sheet on your table to save it from dye spills. Some important things to keep on your table for the dying process include rubber bands, squeeze bottles, gloves, plastic buckets, strings, and wire racks.

Mix The Dyes

The second step for tie-dying your clothing is to mix the dyes. There are special instructions for each die. If you are using Tulip One-Step dye, add water as mentioned in the package instructions and mix properly. But to procure MX dyes, you have to be more careful. First, wear your mask and gloves, and then mix the dyes. Take a mixing bucket and add four teaspoons of dye to it. Then in the dye powder, add some lukewarm water to make a paste. Put one cup of lukewarm water in the bucket and dissolve by stirring. Make sure to get rid of all the lumps for even dying results. Make sure to pre-soak your clothing for 15 minutes in 1 gallon of warm water with one cup of soda ash.

Fold And Tie The Garment

There are different ways to fold and tie your garment. You can secure it by using rubber bands or scrunching your garment. You can clamp or fold it and stitch the design using a needle and thread. If you are not ready to make all this effort, getting a ready-to-wear clothing item from a Tie Dye Clothing Online Shop is better.

Dye Application

As the name says, you must apply the dye to the clothing item in this step. One option is to dip the garment into the dye bucket. Another option is to use a squeeze bottle to apply dye directly to the clothing piece. You can also take the help of sponges or paint brushes for the application of dye. The choice of colors and patterns is all dependent on your personal preference. By changing the die-to-water ratio, you can set the intensity of color.

Give Time

This step is very easy, and all you have to do is let the dye rest on the fabric for some time. Make sure to give it sufficient time to complete its reaction with the material. One thing to consider here is keeping the clothing piece relatively warm and damp for a faster dye reaction. Put the fabric in a plastic wrap or bag and place it in a sunny spot for about 6 to 8 hours. You can keep it there for a whole day also. If you only have a little time, consider buying tie-dyed clothing from a Tie Dye Shop.

Rinse And Wash

After completing the drying step, the final step is to rinse the fabric, followed by proper washing, and your clothing is ready to wear.


Follow these easy steps from a tie-dye clothing shop to tie-dying your clothes properly at home. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them as it is for getting the best results. If you are hesitant to try it out, buy ready-to-wear tie-dye clothing from a trusted clothing shop. This will save you a lot of time and effort. All you have to do is visit the official website of Shop Sun Chasers and look for your favorite tie-dye clothing items. Please choose the one you want to buy and add it to your cart. We will deliver it to your place on time, and you can wear your tie-dye cloth without making any effort.

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